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Cigar rollers from CF Dominicana cigars are more than just manufacturers of cigars, they are performers when they are at your event. We really do not manufacture at events rather, we demonstrate the final step of rolling a wrapper leaf…


Cigars are the most important part of your planning and should never be overlooked. Focusing on the cigar roller is important however remember that your guests will have to smoke the cigars. Typically, if you are booking a cigar roller…

New York Cigar Servers

Cigar servers are intended for situations and events where there is a large area however cigar servers or waitresses work really well with intimate events as they provide an elegantly classic feel as they roam the room serving your guess…

New York Cigar Events

Cigar rollers New York City cigar rollers in New York City were launched along with our premium cigar brand, cf. Dominicana cigars.

NYC cigar roller events were used to promote the cf. Dominicana cigar brand at every event a cigar roller was scheduled. The trademark service, cigar catering, was put in place to promote the brand with this unique cigar rolling feature available for consumers and corporate events as well. Immediately the cf. Dominicana brand was noticed by major news outlets across the country including the Boston Herald, the Chicago Tribune, the Dallas star, news entities in California, Nevada, Florida like the Orlando son and even Canada along with the Chicago Tribune and major magazines such as smoke, Maxim, and the premier events trade publication, is –. All of these entities had feature articles including photos of something most have never seen before that is, a cigar roller performing live at events demonstrating the art of cigar rolling for guests in New York City and the rest of the country.

The company was launched from New York City and the cigars were named for the neighborhoods that are well-known in Manhattan. Cigars like, the Chelsea, the Tribeca, the Soho, the bull for the Wall Street landmark statue, the Fifth Avenue, the St. Mark's, and the biggest the Tribeca.

Being that New York was the flagship city where the brand launched, the cigars should be named after the huge success of major public relations campaigns which also drew attention from TV news entities like New York one and national entities like CBS MarketWatch. The cf. Dominicana brand was officially launched and soon after the entire cigar rolling events department was deemed the trademark cigar catering which is owned solely by cf. Dominicana cigars, many others try to use the name but our doing so without authorization, cf. Dominicana cigars is cigar catering.

Many other features are available along with the cigar roller or multiple cigar rollers for your New York City event. Cigar servers, custom cigar bands and cigar rolling talent are just three features the cigars themselves are all imported as a premium brand should be to ensure high quality and what your guests will expect at an upscale event.

The cf. Dominicana brand of cigars are created by hand at the lot Aurora factory in Santee although Dominican Republic. Using premium Connecticut shade wrapper leaf along with Dominican the hero filler and for the Boulder cigars, using Maduro leaf from Ecuador to printmaker more pronounced taste and full-bodied flavor are used as the main ingredients in the blend for the brand.

The construction of the cigar along with the cigar roller that will also explain the details of the manufacturing as well as the history of the brand makes a unique experience for guests and have been quite popular since our launch in New York now over 15 years ago.

Most of the planners that are requesting cigar rollers for their New York event are not as knowledgeable as they would like to be, but that is okay as we have in-house full time event planners to create a cigar feature that will work best for your big day. The cigar rollers are impressive, they make the event seem quite upscale, they make you the planner or the gift giver the star for coming up with such a unique experience that guests will talk about long after the party is finished.

Submit the contact form after you have taken a look at our site and we will also have a suggested package of features for you including cigars, cigar rollers, cigar servers and even custom designed cut cigar labels all in one presentation to make your event the most memorable it can be in the one of the unique experiences your guests will enjoy.

You can also call us for general questions and if you would like a quote as quickly as possible, submit the details through our contact page. We will have a suggested quote for you typically within two hours from your submission.

We hope to hear from you we look forward to hearing from you, enjoy.