Cigar Rollers Las VegasCigar servers are intended for situations and events where there is a large area however cigar servers or waitresses work really well with intimate events as they provide an elegantly classic feel as they roam the room serving your guess the cigars that your cigar rollers rolling. When this feature is combined with custom cigar bands on the cigars, guests will know that they are at an event that is upscale and to be respected, cigar servers work extremely well with corporate events as they are not often seen and their knowledge of the cigars they are serving is impressive to aficionados and novices alike.

Cigar servers work better with larger groups so they can float the room and continuously provided visual that is a classic, yet modest and makes for a sophisticated presentation that works perfectly with upscale, NYC cigar events and the guests that attend them.

When you fill out the contact form, we may include cigar servers for your New York event or if you absolutely must have a cigar server, simply let us know that is what you would like and we will accommodate. We will never include too many features which will create an overwhelming amount of entertainment which is considered overkill or unuseful, rather we will suggest cigar features that will work well for events with guest lists of 20 to 2000 people properly.

The events department is full-time, available during the day and will go into great detail with you to make sure that your vision for your big night is executed perfectly, so fill out the contact form and get a quote.

Look forward to hearing from you.