Cigars are the most important part of your planning and should never be overlooked. Focusing on the cigar roller is important however remember that your guests will have to smoke the cigars. Typically, if you are booking a cigar roller for your event you obviously have people that are discerning and love cigars so the product should match the upscale feel and the lifestyle that your guests typically enjoy in their personal life. All premium cigars are manufactured overseas like Dunhill, Davidoff, Ashton, and La Gloria Cubana, Avo and so many others to ensure only top-quality and to be presented at your event with respect to your cigar knowledgeable crowd.

Most of the cigars we select for our New York City events and other events throughout the country are all of 50 ring gauge which is a typical thickness that novices, as well as experienced cigar lovers, enjoy throughout the country. Also, the thickness of the cigars important for the taste as well as the custom cigar bands that we also design with true graphics artists with some attending the school of visual arts in Chelsea, NYC.

The custom cigar bands on the cigars are mentioned on our other page but custom cigar bands are designed uniquely for each event and are attached to each cigar to add another layer to the experience and the visual of your cigar roller wherever the event takes place in NY.